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              Operator Training

Vision Systems and Optical Comparators

A thorough understanding of metrology system hardware and software is essential for measurement accuracy, operator productivity, and a good return on investment (ROI). To help customers achieve these objectives, Starrett offers basic operator training as part of its installation services for new vision metrology systems and optical comparators. It also offers operator training at other times as needed.

Basic operator training is purchased by most customers with equipment installation. This training typically takes 1/2 day for a manual system with QC200, QC300, M2, M3 or QC5200 manual software, and 1 day for a CNC system with QC5300 CNC software. Many customers choose to augment the basic CNC training with 1 or 2 days of specialized hands-on training, where operators program actual parts of the type on which they will be working. Training is with the new equipment and is limited to 1 to 3 people, so that these can all get hands-on time. Starrett’s objective is to create power users, who can then train other users when needed.

Additional operator training, with emphasis on software, is offered by Starrett as needed. Classes are typically held on-site at the user facility using the actual equipment on which operators are to be trained. Classes can also be held online with screen sharing, or at Starrett’s plant in Laguna Hills, CA. Classes can be conducted by Starrett installer-technicians, regional sales managers, or factory applications engineers. Click on the tabs below for the typical material covered by each class

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