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Offering Custom Solutions Since 1958 

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     Even with the availability of hundreds of standard precision tools and gages, sometimes measuring challenges are best solved with a specially made gage. It is critical to work hand-in-hand with engineers who are dedicated to making sure that an accurate and easy-to-use custom-made solution can be attained for specific application requirements.
     Since being established in 1958, The Starrett Special Gage Division has served the US Government, NASA, and virtually all industries in the metal working field. This includes aerospace, automotive, ordinance, as well as other fields such as, high technology plastics, food packaging, and medical components.

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 About The Part

- Ideally, an actual part accompanied by a marked-up print    showing what characteristics and dimensions are to be gaged.

- We need the tolerance necessary for the dimensions affected, and these should be written near the dimensions.

- Gage-locating surfaces should be marked on the print.

- Show part orientation in the machine or on a bench. Indicate which end or axis of the part is vertical or horizontal.

- Obstructions such as clamps, arbors, fixtures, and unmachined stock that could interfere with the gage should be noted.

- Environmental conditions are a design consideration. Shop or laboratory adverse conditions such as abrasive dust, high temperature, or corrosive atmosphere affect gaging.

Note: Drawings can be supplied on company's prepared borders, reproducible paper, or by most of today's electronic transfer methods. You will need to supply company paper or CAD file and drafting requirements. 

Gage Information

To assist you in deciding on the most suitable type of gage, we would like to know your preferences on the following: 

- Type of gage: hand-held, bench fixture, multi-check

- Readout: dial or digital indicator, micrometer or Vernier, separate display SPC interface. 

- Your gage specifications for design and construction.

- Number of gage cycles per day, hour or minute.

- Setting master or standards required. 

- Storage containers and type, if required. 

- Quantity required. 

- Delivery requirements. 

- Certification requirements, if any. 

- Technical contact - name and phone number.

Your requirements will be analyzed by our Engineering Department to apply or develop a solution. A quotation, with a confidential concept sketch if required, will be sent to your attention at no charge. 

Send Your Information To: 

The L.S. Starrett Company

Special Gage Division 

121 Crescent Street, Athol MA 01331 

Tel: (978) 249-3551 | Fax: (978) 249-8495

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