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        Installation of Vision Systems and Optical Comparators

Professional system installation is available from Starrett for all new vision metrology systems and optical comparators sold in North America. Installation includes equipment setup, on-site calibration and on-site operator training. While professional installation is a separately-quoted line item, it is highly recommended and is purchased by most users. Excluded are the KineMic Video Zoom Microscope and the KineScope Hand-held Video Microscope, which are visual inspection systems without encoders.

As part of its setup services, Starrett oversees the equipment’s in-plant transportation to its permanent location and uncrating. Starrett will then perform the physical setup and electrical interconnection of the system components, followed by a completed functional checkout. This typically takes 1/2 day for a manual system (vision or comparator) and 1 day for a CNC system (vision or comparator). The system is then allowed to temperature stabilize overnight.

On-site calibration normally takes place on the day following setup. Calibration uses NIST-traceable glass grids and gage blocks, plus a laser interferometer for the larger systems. Calibration typically takes 1/2 day for a manual system and 1 day for a CNC system.

On-site basic operator training is provided following calibration. This typically takes 1/2 day for a manual system with QC200, QC300, M2, M3 or QC5200 manual software, and 1 day for a CNC system with QC5300 CNC software. Many customers choose to augment basic CNC training with 1 or 2 days of specialized hands-on training, where new operators program actual parts of the type on which they will be working. Training is with the new equipment and is limited to 1 to 3 people, so that these can all get hands-on time. Starrett’s objective is to create power users, who can then train other users when needed.

Installation services in North America (USA, Canada and Mexico) are provided by professional installers and service technicians operating out of the Laguna Hills, CA, headquarters of Starrett and its regional sales offices. Outside of North America, installation services are provided by Starrett subsidiaries in Brazil (for South America), Scotland (for Europe and Africa), China (for China), and Singapore (for Southeast Asia and Australia).

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