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Vision Systems Enhance Medical Device Quality
Medical Device Specifications Are Often Tight - Requiring Precise Dimensions, Printed Documentation, And Part-Number Tracing - Placing High Demands On Today's 
Vision Systems.

Advanced Metrology Solutions Offer Advantages To Medical Manufacturers 
Know Your Options When Selecting a Metrology System To QC Medical Parts


Gear Technology - Real Time Results
Starrett Helps Produce Accurate And Repeatable Production Runs With Latest Metrology Equipment 

Gear Solutions - Multi-sensor Metrology Advances
New Advancements in Multi-Sensor Platforms Combine the Best Features of Vision and Touch-Probe Gear Inspection for Maximum Accuracy and Speed.

Gear Solutions - In Gear With Metrology
As gear production demands increase, lead times need to be decreased without compromising quality.



Spring Testing Solutions 
Spring measuring, testing and analysis is complex. While a spring might be a simple device, its operation and performance can be difficult to determine precisely.
Until now.

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