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        Retrofits and Upgrades

A retrofit is an upgrade that improves operator productivity and extends the life of the original metrology system investment. A retrofit should be considered if the system runs older software or if additional capabilities are needed.

Metrology S.jpg
Metrology S.jpg

Optical Retrofits & Upgrades

-MetLogix Mx-Series Retrofit & Upgrade

-OV2 Optical Comparator Video Adapter

-LED Upgrade

Vision Retrofits & Upgrades

-HDV Series Gen.1 To Gen. 2 Upgrade- electronics & PC

-QC5000/IK5000 to M3 Upgrade


Refurbishment, or a factory rebuild, can make an older, worn-out metrology system like new so that it meets new-system specifications. Refurbishing is required if a metrology system can no longer be calibrated or aligned during normal on-site calibration and preventive maintenance. Refurbishment is often combined with a retrofit so that the rebuilt system runs the latest metrology software. Any software retrofit is accompanied by operator training, as for a new equipment installation

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