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Covering your spring test needs.

Rapid Change Spring Test Fixture

Spring Test Rotary Table

With a comprehensive line of force stands, software, fixtures and accessories combined with in-depth engineering know-how, Starrett will design and build a unique solution, custom tailored for your specific spring testing requirements, to ensure that your unique application requirement are met.

How to Request a Consultation and Proposal, and What to Expect for the Development Process:

  •  Fill out online form (right) to contact Starrett Force   Measurement for an initial consultation.

  • Starrett will contact you to review the application specifications and requirements for the type(s) and quantities of springs to be tested. 

  • Starrett will develop a proposal for review and discussion.

  • Upon proposal approval, Starrett will design and test the spring testing solution. 

  • After successfully completing the system/ fixture build,  delivery will be scheduled to your facility. 

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