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MVR 200 Vertical Benchtop Vision System

The MVR Manual Vision Metrology Systems are ideal when quick measurements for quality control are needed. They are available with dedicated zoom optics or a quick-change bayonet lens mount which accepts interchangeable zoom optics or telecentric lenses for micron-level resolution. With a maximum field of view (FOV) of 0.93" (24mm), and seamlessly integrated stage motion, the MVR 200 is capable of measuring parts with a length up to 8" (200mm). The operator interface is the MetLogix™ M3 software that displays a live video image of the part plus geometry tools and digital readings. The image of the part can be resized using zoom and measurements can be taken by simply touching a feature on the touch-screen monitor. MVR hardware features include a granite base for maximum stability, precision linear guides for smooth, accurate stage motion and a motorized Z-axis with variable speed control.


MVR 200 Vertical Benchtop Vision System

    • Z travel: 8" (200 mm)
    • Manual X-Y positioning via hand wheels
    • Motorized  Z-axis positioning with variable speed control
    • MetLogix™ M3 metrology software
    • Video edge detection (VED)
    • Field-of-view (FOV) measurements integrated with stage motion
    • Renishaw scales for 20µin (0.5μm) of X and Y resolution
    • Color digital video camera
    • Collimated LED sub-stage illumination
    • Ring light LED surface illumination
    • Granite base
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