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HE400 Horizontal Benchtop Optical Comparator

The most economical of our bench top comparators, the HE400 offers a 16" (400mm) diameter screen, 10" x 4" (250mm x 100mm) X-Y stage travel, LED lighting, choice of six bayonet-style fixed interchangeable lenses and Q-axis angular readout: all to improve capability and performance. These latest horizontal comparators are fitted with MetLogix™ M1, M2, or Mx-Series measuring software digital readout systems, making them simple to use, but having the power to satisfy the most complex measuring requirements. 

HE400 Horizontal Benchtop Optical Comparator

    • All metal construction 
    • Single bayonet-style lens mounting system
    • LED profile and surface illumination 
    • Digital protractor for accurate angle measurement 1' resolution
    • Available with MetLogix M1, M2, Mx100, Mx200,
    • 15.4 lb. (7kg) load capacity
    • Travel: 10" x 4" (250mm x 100mm) 
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